MAG-DRIVE addresses a challenging research problem: “To produce next-generation magnets by reducing the grain size to increase the coercivity and eliminate the need for corrodible grain boundary phases.


Better magnets that rely less on expensive imports are key to growing Europe’s EV market. By reducing the grain size into the sub-1-µm region we can simultaneously increase the coercivity, so eliminating the need for heavy rare earths like Dy or Tb, and remove the need for excessive amountsof rare-earth-rich inter-granular phase, so dramatically reducing the levels of corrosion in Nd–Fe–B-type magnets.

The MAG-DRIVE project objective is to research and develop a high-coercivity magnet without Dy or Tb by dramatically reducing the grain size to below 1 µm using three novel processing routes. Such a fine-grained magnet will need no heavy rare earth, substantially less light rare earth, and so will have intrinsically better corrosion resistance.