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Institue for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade

The University of Belgrade’s Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy (ICTM) was established in 1961 and its scientific and research activities focus on the development of technological processes and scale-up and know-how in the fields of special materials, organic chemistry, polymers and macromolecular compounds, microelectronic and micro/nanosystem technologies, electrochemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology, instrumental analysis, catalysis, engineering and environmental protection. The Institute now has more than 160 researchers, out of which 26 are full research professors, 40 are associate or assistant research professors, and 44 are junior scientists.

The Centre of Microelectronic Technologies and Single Crystals (CMTM), a division of ICTM, is the leading institution in the field of micro-system and nano-system technologies in the Western Balkans. It has 40 permanent staff members, working in the fields of new materials for MEMS and NEMS, electrical engineering (semiconductors and semiconductor device physics), chemistry and chemical engineering, and in the microsystem- related fields.

CMTM has teams and facilities for planar technologies, micromachining, thin film deposition, vacuum technology, electroplating, nano-optics, epitaxial technologies, infrared detection and sensor technology, a pressure metrology lab and an AFM (including MFM) lab. CMTM is an EU Centre of Excellence, through a FP7 project titled Reinforcement of Regional Microsystems and Nanosystems Center – REGMINA (FP7-REGPOT-2007-1).

Staff members involved

Dr. Dana Vasiljević-Radović is full research professor and the director of the ICTMCentre of Microelectronic Technologies and Single Crystals. Her main fields of interest are the scanning probe microscopy and infrared spectroscopy. Her publications include 130 scientific papers, among these 61 papers published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. During the period 2011-2012 she was the coordinator of the FP7 project REGMINA (Reinforcement of Regional Microsystems and Nanosystems Centre).

Full Research Professor Dr. Zoran Jakšić‘s interests include novel nanostructured materials, nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics including optical metamaterials, NEMS and MEMS sensors and infrared detectors. He is the author of more than 250 peerreviewed publications, including near 60 journal papers and 5 book chapters.

Dr. Vesna B. Jović is a full research professor working on the epitaxial growth of narrow gap II-VI and III-V semiconductor compounds and their solid solutions and had a particular interest in the characterization of the layers and their application in cooled longwavelength infrared photovoltaic detectors. Her scientific work is documented with 27 refereed publications and numerous works presented at international conferences.


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Dr. Dana Vasiljević-Radović