The MAG-DRIVE consortium brings together the most advanced magnets research activity in Europe with a major European OEM, to produce the materials and systems necessary for next-generation EVs.


VALEO is an independent industrial group fully focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry, mainly for CO2 emissions reduction, VALEO ranks among the world's top automotive suppliers. VALEO has 4 Business Groups, comprising 16 Product Groups, supplying the original equipment market and the aftermarket.

The Power-Train System Business Group develops innovative solutions to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while maintaining driving pleasure. These solutions include a complete range of products for the electrification and hybridization of vehicles: in the field of micro-hybrid systems, VALEO is the only supplier to offer two stop-start systems, based either on the Starter Alternator Reversible System (StARS starter-alternator) or on a reinforced starter, and the second-generation “i-StARS” is externally different due to the integration of control electronics on the electrical machine, reducing the volume and facilitating installation.

Since 2009, VALEO has been developing a second-generation electric drive-train with enhanced energy performance, aimed at a greater number of potential buyers. Producing an electric drive-train with a reduced cost is a major objective for VALEO as it is an essential condition for the mass distribution of second-generation electric cars in an economically viable way, without government aid for purchases. This development is part of a consortium pooling the skills and expertise of several companies in order to encourage the emergence of an electric drive-train industry for vehicles.

Staff members involved

Jean-Marc Dubus started working for VALEO Electrical System Research and Development in 1989, and is the Advanced Project Manager for Integrated Starter- Alternator Reversible Systems and Electrical Machines. He was involved in several hybrid projects in Europe and Japan, with his main achievement being made with a major european customer for a hybrid car at BMW. He also developed a 12V hybrid system for Nissan in Japan for the new Nissan SERENA. During the past 23 years, Jean-Marc Dubus has made 23 patent applications, and was responsible for a number of doctoral students. He is now working on heavy-rare-earths suppression in automotive applications.

Antoine De Monts is in charge of collaborative projects and joined VALEO Electrical Systems in 1994. He has extensive knowledge of electrical machines and the integration of magnetic materials. He is active in many national and international projects, including the new EU FP7 Replacement and Original Magnet Engineering Options project in Theme [NMP.2012.4.1-3].


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